Are Termites Eating Your House?

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A termite report is one thing that is often overlooked in a real estate transaction. Today, I talked to Richie with Richie’s Termite and Pest Control about the importance of a termite report before buying a home. Sometimes the termite report is done at the very end, and it comes with a few surprises that disrupt the closing.

Being Proactive with a Termite Inspection

There are times when escrow opens on a transaction, then the home inspection occurs within the first week or two. On the inspection report, there might be mention of termite damage somewhere in the house. It’s good to bring awareness to the situation, but at this point it is a bit late in the game. Now the home buyer is getting down to the wire and only has a short time to bring in a pest control expert to assess the infestation and damage.

Plus, you shouldn’t rely on the general home inspector to be your termite and dry rot specialist because they don’t have the experience or licensing for this topic. Bring in a certified pest control expert for the most accurate information.

Also, don’t wait until the last minute to bring in a termite expert! Instead, it is important that you are proactive by arranging a termite inspection as soon as possible. Typically, the inspection is no more than $150. Richie’s Termite and Pest Control charges $85, and that money is billed to the escrow. Plus, the inspection fee is waived if any additional work is needed on the property. This minimal cost is worth the peace of mind, so there’s no reason to skip a termite report!

If you need assistance or would like to speak with Richie, call (951) 233-7697.

Termites in Southern California

Termites can be a real problem in our area, so you need to be sure that you are protecting your family from the financial burden of the situation. If termites are discovered in the inspection process, then you have the leverage to negotiate the repair work and pest control services that are needed. You need to know the potential costs of an infestation so that you can avoid a huge pest control bill after moving into the home.

Richie offers termite reports and repairs, as well as a pest control side of the business. If you need assistance with your home, then call him right away. Comment, share, and like this video to share the details with your friends and family. Call Franklin Loan Center any time if you have questions about buying a home.

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