Challenging Your Property Tax Assessment is Your Right

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property taxMost home owners don’t realize that you can actually challenge your property tax assessment. And, with a lot of home owners receiving their property value assessment  and tax bill soon, it is good to know that if you believe your assessment isn’t fair, you have the right to appeal or challenge it.

According to a recent article by Blanche Evans, appraisers and appeal boards are definitely aware that the appraisal system has some flaws and they know assessment challenges will come.

Evans indicates that depending on your municipality’s appeals process, you can actually represent yourself in the process. She suggests that you make an appointment for a review on your property, making sure to call early as appeal appointments only fall during specific time frames.

Once you have made the appointment, you will need to print out a copy of your property’s tax appraisal from your city or county website. After you do this, it is important to check carefully for any errors on the following:

  • square footage of your home
  • number of bedrooms
  • number of baths
  • number of stories
  • number of parking spaces
  • lot size
  • any other significant items that may be incorrect on the appraisal

In addition, check your neighbor’s appraisals, which will also be accessible as public information. Just make sure you compare homes that are similar to yours.

Then, you should take pictures, including anything that might lower the value of your property. This can include living on a busy street, telephone poles, water towers, or anything on the exterior of your home that may need repairing. On the inside of your home, photograph anything that may show any wear and tear as condition of the home is important in appraisals.

Another important thing to do is find an agent or broker who can get any recent comparable homes for you and bring these to the appraisal appointment.

At the meeting, the appraiser will explain why your appraisal price is what it is. Evans suggests that you bring a map to illustrate zoning changes, construction, or road expansion that may affect the area’s value.

It is also important to know your neighborhood well as you may have to defend your appraisal numerous times throughout the appeal.

Evans says that the decision by the appeal board is usually immediate, and, if the tax assessor agrees with you, the adjustment will be made immediately.

Overall, the process may take a little time, but in the end, it may work out to your advantage. And if not, the only thing you have lost is a little time.

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