How to Know if It’s a Good Time to Refinance

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Chances are you’ve heard the media outlets mention how low interest rates are right now.  You may have also heard plenty of advertisements enticing you to refinance your current mortgage.

But how do you know if now is the right time for you to refinance?

MoneyThere are plenty of “myths” out there that will tell you things like…

Refinance if you can lower your rate by more than 1%

Refinance if you can save $100 or more per month

Refinance if you can recoup your costs in less than 2 years

I prefer to be a bit more objective and “scientific” with my approach to refinancing with my clients.

I actually have a tool which allows me plug in data about your current loan and data regarding new financing and it quickly and efficiently tells us if refinancing makes sense for you!

I do not charge for this analysis so if you are curious, give me a quick call and we’ll run the numbers!

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