Investment Property is All About the Numbers

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Today, we’re continuing with the topic of investment properties. It continues to be a relevant topic, especially with the things that are currently happening with other types of investments.

A few days ago, the stock market lost over 1000 points, which made me stop to consider where people are investing their money. Real estate is a great option to think about.

Long-Term Investment Strategy in Real Estate

If you have a long-term investment strategy, then there are opportunities available. Even with the current interest rates, it’s still such a good time to jump in, amortize the mortgage down, collect rents on the investment properties, and even find exit strategies such as 1031 exchanges and things like that.

Real estate is not the right investment for everyone. If you have a shorter-term investment timeline, then it could be more difficult to turn a profit – especially with the ups and downs we are seeing right now.

But real estate investment properties are definitely something to consider. Many people will agree that real estate seems more stable compared to throwing a bunch of money into the stock market right now.

Is Real Estate Investing Right for You?

There are a lot of places to think about putting your investment money. If you need more information about real estate investing, then reach out to me. Let’s look at the numbers! I have different models we can look at and see where the numbers fall. We’ll see if it works for your individual situation. I’m always here to answer your questions and explore the available options.

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