Jumbo Loan Improvements

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We’ve recently made changes with jumbo loans, making our offer almost unbeatable for jumbo loans. If you or someone you know is buying a home in the higher end of the price range, then definitely reach out to us so we can discuss the options.

Conforming vs. Jumbo Loans

Conforming loan limits run out at $647,200 nationally. Then a bunch of jumbo lenders kick in, but there are other conforming adjustments depending on the county and location where the property is located.

We’ve been able to work with a variety of different jumbo investors, which gives us options. Remember that it’s not only about pricing. Sometimes, the best rate doesn’t work for the property or there is some funky thing about the borrower – and it just doesn’t work. So, having a lot of products makes a big difference.

Best Priced Investors for Jumbo Loans

Additionally, when it comes to pricing, we work with the best priced investors out there. We underwrite those in-house, which gives us a lot of control to get these loans done efficiently.

Who do you know who is looking to buy in the high end of the market? We’d love to have a look at it. Our team at Franklin Loan Center has always been competitive with jumbo loans, and these additional products are making us even more competitive now.

Underwriting Everything In-House

Since we are underwriting almost everything in-house, there are a variety of options to get around tricky situations. Here in Southern California (and in Washington where I am also licensed), so much of the market falls in the jumbo loan category. We can definitely help!

Whether you need a jumbo loan or you are wanting to buy a lower-priced property, we are just a phone call away. Reach out any time to learn more about the options that will work for your unique situation.

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