Property Tax Benefits for Veterans

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Last week talked about some of the tax benefits for people who are 55+ and older, and how they can transfer property assessment values from one property to another. These savings can be huge, resulting in thousands of dollars of tax savings each year.

It leads me also to think about some of the benefits that are available for Veterans. These benefits aren’t available in all counties, but they are definitely offered here in Riverside County. It’s a huge advantage that can be used for Veterans with 100% VA disability rating.

Tax Savings for Disabled Veterans

The way it works is when someone has a 100% disability rating; you have the ability to get a huge reduction off your assessed value as well. Reducing the assessment value can result in significant savings.

It’s pretty easy to apply for the benefit, although it takes a while for it to move through because of the workload at the county offices. It’s just a 1-page application that needs to be taken to the recorder’s office. There are several locations in the area, and I can help you find a nearby office if you have questions about it.

It’s a great benefit to Veterans who have ended up with a big disability rating, which is something that is pretty serious in most cases. Everyone who qualifies should have access to it.

Do You Know Any Veterans?

I share this information so you know about the benefits that are out there. I’ve always been impressed by how much Veterans know about the benefits that are available for them. But this program is through the county, not the VA. These are little things that they may not know about.

If you know anybody who might qualify, ask a Veteran to make sure they are receiving available benefits. While you’re at it, take a minute to give them a hug and see how they are doing. You don’t know what they are going through sometimes. We need to take care of our Veterans.

If you have a friend or family member who is a Veteran and they have questions about these programs, give them my number and have them reach out. I’m happy to answer their questions and help them find the right solutions.

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