Se Habla Espanol!

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I have Sal Nunez – he has been with our office for a while, and has recently joined our team to provide services for our Spanish clients. There’s such a big need for Spanish services in our area, and we are offering the personalized services these clients require when buying or refinancing a home.

How Sal Can Help

One of the things we are trying to achieve is to support the people who prefer to do business in Spanish. Not only can Sal help clients who don’t speak any English, but he’s always available for anyone who speaks English as a second language but would be more comfortable doing it all in Spanish.

Buying a home is such a big purchase, so it makes sense if you prefer to discuss the details in your native language.

Do You Know Spanish Speakers Who Need Mortgage Services?

To our Realtor partners who have Spanish speaking clients, or if you are a client with friends or family who need mortgage services in Spanish, then send them this video. Sal has a short introduction in Spanish to explain how he’s available to help.

When you choose Franklin Loan Center, know that we are always working hard to provide top-notch services for our clients. Through this program, Sal can assist with the conversation, giving you a comfortable environment for conversation – with the same team and processes to provide access to all of the quality loan solutions we offer. Sal is a great addition to our team and we’re excited to continue offering excellent services for the wide variety of clients that we serve.

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