Where Can I Find Relief from Rising Interest Rates?

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Rates are continuing to run up – it’s been another rough week when it comes to interest rates. People are asking: where can I get some relief? There’s a surprising answer to this question… but it isn’t for everyone.

Jumbo Loan Rates vs. Conventional Loans

We are seeing better rates on jumbo loans, particularly for strong borrowers. The jumbo rates are 3/4 of a percentage point better than what you can get on conventional loans out there right now.

Jumbo is less driven by secondary markets, which is why we’re are seeing rates quite a bit lower.

Conventional Lending Limits

One noteworthy detail: conventional lending nationally runs out at $647,200, but there are high balance areas (such as San Diego, Orange County, LA County, etc.). The good news is that several of our jumbo lenders will allow us to start kicking in at $647,000 even in these high balance areas – and we are seeing better rates on those loans.

Who Do You Know That is Ready To Buy?

Who do you know that is looking to buy a house at the higher end of the market, and they are getting sticker shock about the current interest rates? I’d love to talk to them and see how we can help. We can look at jumbo options.

The good news: for the majority of these jumbo loans, we are underwriting them in-house with pretty predictable outcomes for our clients.

If you need info about financing or someone you know is ready to buy, I’m always here to help. Reach out to learn more about the options for accessing the best mortgage rates possible, despite the current market conditions.

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