Why Should You Consider a Buyer with a VA Loan?

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Historically speaking, sellers and their agents tend to shy away from VA (Veterans Administration) buyers with VA Loan financing.

More often than not, this is due a a misconception that VA Loans pose a tougher transaction and more hassle and expense for the sellers.

Frankly, this just isn’t the case.   These days, VA Loans have some of the least stringent guidelines available and the transaction can actually be easier than a conventional mortgage.  In addition, an fees that the VA will not allow the buyer to pay can be paid with lender credits.

The result…  A transaction that is no more difficult than any other transaction with no additional costs to the seller.  Plus, you’re helping out someone who has served our country.  All-in-all, everybody wins!

Check out my video below for more information and call me if you have questions about VA financing.


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