Are You Having a Difficult Time Getting Financing for a Property… We Can Probably Help

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A topic that has been coming up as a byproduct of the current market: financing unique properties. I wanted to talk about this a little bit today to let you know that there are options available.

Any Property Can Sell Right Now

Right now, any property is worth listing for sale, because you will find a buyer. We’ve been seeing a lot of crazy things out there:

  • Large acreage
  • Multiple manufactured homes on one property
  • A stick-build and a manufactured home
  • Unpermitted ADUs (granny flats)

Historically speaking, these properties are difficult to get financing. A lot of times, lenders have a hard time with them because of their own overlays on top of the guidelines.

Franklin Loan Center Can Do It

It begs the question: who’s got overlays? The answer is that we’ve got none. If it is financeable, we’ll get it done and make it happen.

If you know anyone out there who has a property but is having a hard time getting financing, then we’re here to help. We’re rescuing these types of loans all the time. We are happy to take a look at it to figure out if it’s something that we can do.

Reach out to our team at Franklin Loan Center if you’d like more information or you have questions about available financing options.

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