Atomic Habits: How Habits Shape the Future

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In my weekly videos, I usually share information about the real estate market, getting a mortgage, and other industry-related topics. But, sometimes I like to share helpful tips that aren’t necessarily about real estate. Today’s message is a bit of a public service announcement about an interesting podcast that I’ve been listening to lately.

The 1 Thing Podcast

The podcast that I am talking about is a few weeks old, but I just listened to it again this morning. The information was so good that I passed the link onto my kids and other people who might be interested in the message. The podcast episode talks about “atomic habits.”

The point that is made in the message is that your current habits have a direct impact on your future. The things that you do today will determine the results that you get in the future. Everyone has habits that are both good and bad. The best thing that we can do is to be purposeful and mindful about creating the right habits. The good habits are helping to create the life that you desire. The bad habits might be placing stumbling blocks that are hindering your success.

Are your habits working for or against you? It’s a good question to consider today!

Maintaining Consistency with the Right Habits

Once you’ve established the steps that will support your success, it is important that you stay in action with those things. Consistency is key so that you can build the momentum that will lead to bigger results in the future.

The podcast is 30 minutes long, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in personal development and lifestyle design. Click on this link if you are interested in listening to the message. It doesn’t matter if you are in real estate, a business owner, an employee, or a student. The principles are universal and can apply to every aspect of life.

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