Business Coaching Thoughts with Jim McLaughlin

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Business Coaching is a great asset for people of all professions and career levels. Today I talked with Jim McLaughlin, who joined me to discuss the benefits of his coaching programs and how it can help people break through barriers. With the right coaching, it is possible to achieve things you previously didn’t believe were possible.

I had a great experience working with Jim, and wanted to share a few thoughts with you since he is starting a new program soon.

Consistency in Application

Instead of teaching people what needs to be done, the focus of Jim’s coaching is how to go about completing the tasks that will lead to success.  Jim can help you integrate this process, so that it becomes part of the way that you operate.

Think of coaching as leadership development: we need to lead our own way in business efforts and personal lives. Creating the right mindset to apply these principles is the powerful impact of coaching.

Attract People to Your Business and Personal Life

When you are performing at your best, it is an attractive way to live. As a result, people are naturally drawn to your business. People want to know what you are up to and what you are working on.

Anyone who has been in business for a while has probably read enough to build a big business. But, most people fall short in the application of those principles.

Coaching Options: Group Classes and One on One Coaching

Jim works with people in two ways: through group classes and individual coaching. He has a group program that starts next Tuesday. The great thing about the group program is the interaction that enables you to learn from others who are in the same journey.

This class is called Breaking the Code on Performance, and it teaches the principles of replicating the code in areas that are challenging for us. This six-month program consists of 12 classes on Tuesday afternoons, designed to help participants reach the next level of success.

The class starts on January 30th, check out this link if you are interested in joining:

You have great dreams and big plans for the future, so it makes sense that you invest in the tools to help you reach those higher levels of success. What is standing in your way of achieving the things that you desire? This coaching is the bridge that can help you move forward in the right way.

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