Being Proactive in a Changing Market

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This morning on the news, there was a story that said that Southern California real estate volume was off by 20% this year compared to historical trends. We are feeling the change in the real estate market, which is why I wanted to bring in Tiffany Hazelaar to discuss these trends. We don’t know what a change will bring, but it is important to watch the industry.

Regardless of what happens in the real estate market, you want to make sure that you are ready if opportunities become available. Tiffany can help with credit repair so that you are prepared to buy a home when the time is right. On the lending side of the real estate deal, the biggest showstopper is a credit issue. Tiffany offered some great tips to help you overcome these common issues.

Proactively Evaluate Your Personal Credit

There is never a bad time to see if you can improve your scores. Making sure that everything is in place with your credit history allows you to obtain financing that might be required in the future: business credit lines, buying a home, student loans, and more.

When it comes to credit repair, keep in mind that it does take some time for scores to increase as part of the repair process, so don’t delay any work that might be required. In most cases, homebuyers need at least three to six months to turn things around.

Tips for Your Credit Report

Tiffany suggests that you get a copy of your credit report every six months. Even the smallest changes as a consumer can have a big impact on your credit scores.

I’ve talked about this idea in the past, and it’s a good reminder in this conversation: you should borrow money when you don’t need it so that you have access to the credit when you do need it in the future. Now is the time to get those lines of credit in place so you are ready. Then, you’ll be prepared if the right deal comes up: you will have a good credit score and some cash saved so that you don’t miss the opportunity.

Do you need help with your credit? Talk to Tiffany Hazelaar at Dedicated Credit Repair: or call 951-246-7754. As always, I’m here at Franklin Loan Center to answer your questions about mortgage qualification. Remember to like, share, and comment to share this helpful information with people that you know.

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