Big Changes for Loans to Veterans

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Today, I want to share information about big changes that are coming for VA loans – these financing options affect both active duty and those separated from the military. Veterans receive a variety of benefits during and after their service, and great home loan terms are available for those who have served our country.

Money Down on Higher-Balance VA Loans

The changes affect higher-balance VA loans. Historically, you could only get a loan up to the county limit, which is different for counties all over the US. These terms allowed 100% financing for the entire purchase.

In the situation where the home price is over the county limit, the Veteran would have to bring in 25% of the amount. For example, here in Riverside County, the limit is $484,350. So, If you bought a house that cost $584,350, it means you would have to bring in $25,000.

Changes Happening at the Beginning of the Year

The change at the beginning of the year is that you can get financing up to 100%, regardless of the purchase price.

VA loans offer the lowest down payment you can usually get. For example, 0% down is almost always available. Historically, they always have the lowest default rate. Veterans do such a great job doing what they signed up to do, and this is another vote of confidence to get them what they need.

Thank You to Our Veterans

It’s great to see the change coming for VA loans, and the timing is appropriate since we just had Veteran’s Day on Monday. Thank you to all the Veterans for their service. I had the chance to get together with my dad, who is a 20-year Navy Veteran, and spend time with him to honor the day.

If you have questions about Veteran’s loans, or any other types of home financing options, I’m always here to help. Reach out anytime and we can discuss your individual situation.

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