Looking for Great Loan Officers

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This is something I’ve never put out there before, but I know how powerful it can be to tap into a network of people. The thought that has been on my mind this week is that we are ready to bring on a few new loan offers.

Franklin Loan Center is Growing

Franklin Loan Center here in Temecula is looking to grow, which means that we need the support to maximize future opportunities. We are ready to add a few experienced loan officers that are looking for a place to come.

Why choose Franklin Loan Center over other businesses in the area? The main benefit is that we have an amazing culture here! I’ve been in the business for a little over 20 years, and I’ve seen how much company culture can play a role in the success and happiness of the entire team.

At Franklin Loan Center, it’s hands-down the best culture I’ve seen. We offer a great work environment and the best operations – overall, it’s such a killer situation.

Who Do You Know?

Who do you know that is in the mortgage business and is looking to make a change? If you are in the business and you are ready for a better work environment, then reach out. If you know a friend or family member who works as a loan officer, send them my information. Realtors: who is your favorite loan officer that might be ready for a different place to work?

As Franklin Loan Center grows, we need a handful of great loan officers to come on board – so I’m reaching out to you to see if you have any suggestions or recommendations. If you know anyone or have interest yourself, then definitely contact me through Facebook, phone call, text, email, etc. I’d love to talk and see if it is a good fit!

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