Data to Show the Strength of the Housing Market

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As the market moves up and down, many people ask me about the outlook for real estate. Will home prices and interest rates continue going up, or will things change soon? The best thing that we can do is look at trends and data and get a clear picture of what is actually happening in the real estate market.

Core Logic Data Reports Strong Housing Market

Today I am talking about the release of a housing report published by Core Logic. The information that was released this week shows that the housing marketing is holding strong. This national report came in with great numbers, showing results beyond expectations. Since it is a national headline, keep in mind that smaller markets and cities could be a little different.

Overall, the data showed 6.6% growth in price increases, compared with a 5.3% forecast. These numbers show that there are strong expectations on housing prices, and the market is outperforming those expectations.

Why is the Housing Market Holding Strong?

Even though people are worried about the future of the housing market, the trends show that it is staying steady. It all boils down to supply and demand. For example, since there is a lack of listings, it will naturally drive up the prices since inventory is low.

Now that the summer market is kicking in, the listings are going up. So, buyers have a little more to choose from regarding inventory.

Positioning Buyers in the Current Market

Agents and loan professionals are wondering what they can do to position their buyers for the current market. Our team at Franklin Loan Center is always here to help! We understand the real estate market, and we are always watching the trends to ensure that our clients have the best outcome possible when they are buying a home.

If you have questions or you want to brainstorm strategies, then I would love to have that conversation with you. Call me at Franklin Loan Center anytime for more information.

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