Growing Your Real Estate Business Through Database Management

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If you’ve been in the real estate business more than a couple years, you’ve likely talked to a few hundred potential buyers and sellers (maybe even more).  Add to that your “Christmas Card” list of family and friends and you probably have yourself a list of 300-500 people.  If your business is 15 years old like mine, then that list could number in the thousands!

So here’s my question to you…    What are you doing with that list of people?

At any given time, maybe 1-2% of the people you know or have done business with are actually in the market to use your services or refer you to someone.   But what about the other 98-99% of people you know?   What are you doing to keep in touch with them so when they are ready to buy, sell, or refer, your name is at the top of their list?

Have you ever found out the hard way that someone you know has just bought/sold a home and they used a different Realtor?

Have you ever had someone say “Oh shoot, I should have referred you to my (neighbor, friend, cousin, etc…).  They just bought a house.”?

If so, you’re leaving money on the table and you need a system to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen.

In my business model, I have figured out the answer (it only took me about 13 years, but I figured it out).  That answer has earned me dozens of commission checks that I otherwise might have missed.

Today, I want to share that answer with you and help you set up a system that keeps YOU from leaving money on the table.

Watch the video below and then give me a call.   Let’s chat!


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