It’s All About Slow and Steady

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The insanity leading up to this election is almost more than I can handle! So, I’m asking myself: where do we find sanity, where do we take some control back? First thing: turn off your TV and social media.

I’m thinking about investments as we are watching the equities markets moving up and down. Despite these fluctuations, they are still hovering within a few percentage points of all-time highs. Where can you find a safe place to put your money?

Long-Term Investment Strategies

Two things are coming to mind if you are looking for the right investment solutions:

  1. Focus on the Long Game: Investing done right is a long game. If you are bold enough to do short-term investments for quick turns, more power to you! Personally, I don’t have the time or fortitude to ride out those types of investments. I like putting it in long-term and letting it grow. I tell my kids: time is on their side. Even just a few hundred bucks a month can turn into big investments in the future.
  2. Buy Real Estate: The next smartest thing to do is to buy real estate, especially right now. Real estate with a fixed interest rate is the greatest inflation hedge there is. It doesn’t matter if prices go up, your housing stays the same. That’s the biggest bill you have every month. Lock it in to a 30-year fixed. It’s a long-term investment, it’s insurable, it’s predictable. This is true of your primary residence and investment properties.

Get in there and go with the long-term mindset. There is nothing more powerful in your retirement than a paid-off house where you can live and only pay taxes and insurance.

Will the Market Hold?

I know people are hesitant to make their move because everyone is worried that a crash is coming. In my opinion, I don’t think we are remotely close – but we might see a correction. The main strategy is to focus on the long-term assets that you can maximize in the current market.

If you want to take a closer look at the numbers, then reach out any time. I’m happy to answer questions and provide personal information for your financial situation.

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