It’s All About the People

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I had the greatest weekend at the 2018 President’s Club trip with Franklin Loan Center. It meant that my wife and I had the chance to hang out with the other top producers here at Franklin.

What Makes Franklin Special?

It’s amazing to spend time with the great minds at this company, such as Walter Neil who is the owner of the business. As we were talking, I asked him: “In your mind, what is it that makes Franklin so special?” Without hesitation, he said that it’s about the people.

I loved the response! There are so many mortgage companies out there that have great marketing, cool widgets, and other fancy offerings. These things are important, and we all need to have these things for our clients and referral partners. But at the end of the day, what makes Franklin stand out is that the people at Franklin really make the difference for our company.

I believe it more than ever before after spending this weekend with such incredible people. Everyone from Walter through the entire organization. These people have the right attitudes and everyone pulls together to create an amazing feel.

Walter made hats with big letters: “FLC” for Franklin Loan Center. He always says that FLC carries another meaning: Family, Loyalty, and Community. We try to live that here at Franklin.

Thanks to Walter and Laura for a great weekend! And thanks to the rest of the team who also made it amazing.

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