It’s Almost January 1st. All Our Numbers Reset to Zero?

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During the last part of the year, are you someone who has numbers you are trying to hit – such as sales, production, etc.? It’s easy to fall into a trap of anticipating the start of the year, with a plan to reset and go back to zero, and then build from there.

You Don’t Have to Go Back to Zero

I remember talking about this years ago with a friend of mine in Washington. He called me out on it: why do we have to take it back to zero? As we move into the next year, we bring everything we built in the previous years: our database, past clients, family, systems, ops teams, and more. You’ve built all this stuff, which assures that you are set up to have a great year.

Of course, there will be changes in the market. Who knows what 2022 will bring? If you are in real estate, most people are predicting a solid year again. Only time will tell.

But in this business, there always needs to be a focus on following the simple stuff. When you maintain the day-to-day priorities, then the big goals will happen.

Words of Encouragement

I want to share these words of encouragement. The reality is that you have a lot of experience and assets you are bringing into the new year, which means that you aren’t starting over on January 1st. Just focus on the daily items that you can do, and you will reach the goals.

Happy New Year from Franklin Loan Center!

I hope that you have a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year! I’ll see you all again in 2022!

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