It’s Fed Day! Wait… What???

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I might be the only guy that gets excited about Fed day! Today marked day 2 of the Fed meeting, and there were no surprises. If anything, the Fed sounded a little dejected about the market. There is no reason to start raising rates for now. They are going to continue buying treasuries and mortgage-backed securities. Oddly, they are buying private corporate bonds as well.

This all can change on a dime. But for the foreseeable future, it sounds like rates are going to stay where they are. The economy appears to be doing well because of the strength in some of the industries, such as real estate. But we’ll likely have continued troubles as things progress.

Random Fact for the Day

In other news this morning, the heads of 5 big tech companies are testifying before congress today: Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple. We all know these are behemoth companies.

Did you know this: the total market cap of these companies combined is a little over 5 trillion dollars?! This fact has nothing to do with real estate, but it is so mind blowing that I need to pass it along.

What if these five companies were their own stock exchange? Most countries have their own stock exchange – these 5 companies would be the 4th largest stock exchange in the world.

If you ever wonder why people worry about the power of these companies – maybe this has something to do with it. There’s your useless fact for the day!

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