Jumbo Loans: Are They Available for Today’s Real Estate Market?

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We’ve talked about the topic of jumbo lending a few times in the past. But, I feel like I’ve been receiving more questions about this topic lately. So, I wanted to take a minute to discuss this subject in today’s video.

What is a Jumbo Loan?

This type of loan starts filling in where conventional lending stops. In the United States, there is a conventional lending limit of $453,100. In addition to this federal limit, there are different requirements in every county in the US. For example, if the median home prices are higher than the national average, then we will see what is known as a conventional high balance. This higher rate can go up to as high as $680,000 in places like LA and Orange County.

Jumbo lending has become such an important part of the market for buyers because home prices have gone up so much. We have all these different areas where there is a large percentage of the market that is listed above the conventional limit. Here in Temecula, there are many properties on the real estate market that are listed higher than the limit of $453,100. Jumbo lending will come into play if you want to buy one of these homes.

Finding the Right Jumbo Loan

There are many options that can be considered if you are a home buyer considering a jumbo loan. We can help you look at 5% down or 10% down options, with competitive pricing on these loans. In fact, sometimes the jumbo pricing is even better than the conventional terms.

I’m not a big fan of adjustable rate mortgages, but there are times when they make sense. We are seeing some great options for both fixed-rate and adjustable rate mortgages that can be used to cover these jumbo loans.

The topic of jumbo loans seems like a mysterious world for many homebuyers. But, the lending options are pretty good and the interest rates are reasonable right now. Don’t let the term “jumbo” scare you from the possibilities of getting the right financing for your needs.

Whether you need a jumbo loan or conventional loan, I’m always here to help. Call any time for more information. Also, it would be great if you could comment, like or share this video.

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