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I’ve been talking about jumbo loans for a few weeks because there are new updates to share. One of the programs you need to know about is our in-house jumbo portfolio loan.

The title for today says it all: this program is “make sense jumbo lending.”

What Jumbo Lenders Want to See

These lenders still want to see borrowers with good credit and assets. But there are options to work around things that are a bit unusual, such as no or low income.

They will make exceptions on some things, opening up jumbo lending to borrowers who might not otherwise be able to access these types of loans. For example, if you have tax losses that are affecting your income on paper, then there might be a way around it.

We had a recent situation with a client in the movie business. They were able to take a tax loss, and we could overlook that detail to still get them the loan they needed.

No Doesn’t Mean No – Talk to Our Team!

Many of the other jumbo lenders have strict guidelines and borrowers have to fit into a tight box. As a result, borrowers are turned away because they don’t meet the lender’s specific requirements.

Our portfolio program at Franklin Loan Center is great for strong borrowers with small issues that might be getting in the way. Take a look at this program when you are considering your options.

If you know anyone who is looking at houses in the higher end of the market but is running into problems getting the financing – tell them to call us! This program can be a great way to solve these issues.

As always, I’m here to answer your questions if you need help with anything. Reach out to discuss more about jumbo loans or other types of financing options to match your unique needs.

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