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Today, I talked with Annette Rogers from AMI Designs. Her specialty is making your home beautiful! Not only does Annette help with individual projects for homeowners who want to update the décor at home. But these services are also available for realtors looking for assistance with home staging to make your listings look great.

The Importance of Staging a House

We are seeing a few changes in the real estate inventory, which means that it is more important than ever to make your home stand out in the listings.

Staging works… it really does help when you are selling a home. Annette has many stories about houses that have been on the market for months with no activity, then turning things around with home staging services. After Annette applied her interior décor expertise, a recent home sold within 5 days of the open house.

Most people shop for homes online. They are looking at the pictures and need to feel the emotion of the home before they have the desire to tour the property. With the right staging, you can really pull the emotion out, which motivates people to consider the option to buy the home.

Creating a Home that You Love

On the interior design side of the business, Annette is also skilled at helping you create a home that you love. A full range of services is available, including simple redesigns to full renovations. The goal is to make the home your own by infusing the right décor and furniture to create a unique style.

Follow the Lead of the Industry Experts

Think about the big construction companies who sell more houses than anybody. When new homes are available for viewing, the company would never show the property without proper staging. Potential buyers walk into the model homes and are impressed by the beauty of the home. That “wow factor” is due to the professional staging.

If you are a listing agent and you aren’t seeing your listings sell fast enough, then don’t overlook the importance of working with a professional home stager. You can contact Annette Rogers at AMI Designs for more information.

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