Market Data Event: Wednesday, September 16th

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Two things I want to cover today to keep you updated about what is going on right now:

#1 – Market Data Event

Next week, Franklin Loan Center is putting on a full market update, really geared towards the real estate community. It’s a video call that is scheduled on Wednesday, September 16th starting at 9am. Click here to view the details of the event.

If you are interested in joining this event, then please sign up here:

#2 – Teaser Market Data

The second thing I’d like to share is a teaser for some of the market data that we’ll talk about in this call next week. It continues to be so surprising to me in light of what’s happening in our world. A couple highlights:

  • Average Daily Sales: Currently, average daily sales for the greater Temecula Valley are up. Last year at this time we had 43 units per day, today our average is 51 units per day. We’re up significantly!
  • Dollars Per Square Foot: Another interesting statistic shows how much real estate value is increasing right now. Last year the average dollars per square foot was $199 vs this year we are currently at $215 – that’s an 8% year-over-year increase.
  • Daily Inventory: The number of units on the market went from just shy of 3400 units available on a daily basis to 1092 today. This low inventory speaks to the velocity of the market. Anyone who is in the market right now knows it because we are seeing things move so fast.

It continues to be a huge seller’s market. But buyers are getting in and doing it wisely because they are taking advantage of ridiculously low rates. Contact me if you’d like to run some math to see how much you would save over the years. The amount of savings over the life of a loan is incredible – in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Take a look at the information above if you are interested in attending the video call. This event is being put on by Walter Neil and will include loads of good information.

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