New Homes for Christmas

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With it being the day after Christmas, I wanted to brag on my team a little bit for the work that has been done to help a couple of families get new homes for Christmas. This season, we had several situations where home buyers were turned down by as many as two other lenders. They were told that they couldn’t get a VA loan for their home purchase. We were able to flip that around and got them into their houses just in time for Christmas last week.

Buying a Home in December

Everyone knows that December is a stressful time of year. Add in buying a house and facing mortgage approval problems, and those stress levels are amplified. We’re always here to step in and help you get a loan approved. In these two situations, we could easily see the details that the other lenders were tripping over. As a result, we could get around the problems to make it work.

I share this information as a way to say “kudos” to my team for finding the right solutions for these home buyers. Secondly, I want to share my congrats to these new homeowners. They are elated to have a new home to enjoy right before Christmas.

Not All Lenders are Created Equal

If you are thinking about buying a home or refinancing, keep in mind that not all lenders are created equal. There is a lot that goes into the lending process and getting the financing approved. We have years of experience in the industry and know the best ways to get around some of the common roadblocks that might come up in the home buying process.

Happy Holidays! Stay safe and enjoy this season with your families. As always, I’m here to answer your questions about mortgages and financing. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. Also, like, share, and comment on my video to help your friends and family know that they have options for buying a home.

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