Removing Roadblocks to Home Ownership – How Do I Choose the Right Realtor?

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A common question that I hear is: how do I pick the right real estate agent? There are many agents in every area, so how do you pick from the available options? Even though the marketing says the services are great, it can be hard to tell if you will actually receive quality results. Here are a few tips to help with your decision:

Referral from a Trusted Source

The obvious answer is to get a referral from someone you know who has already used a real estate agent in the area. If a friend or family member had a good experience, then you can expect similar results for your transaction. Talk to someone you trust to find a referral, such as personal connections or other industry professionals that can offer a referral.

Picking a Realtor Online

Many people choose a real estate agent based on marketing that is found online. If you choose your agent in this way, then it is smart to ask a few questions so that you can learn about the quality of services to anticipate:

What is your commission structure? It is good to understand how much will be charged for the services. In most situations, the seller will be paying the commissions for both agents, which means that the money won’t come out of your pocket if you are the buyer in the transaction.

How much experience do you have with negotiating? The negotiation aspect of the deal can be critical to ensure that you are receiving a great deal. Poor negotiations mean that you might net less out of the sale, even if you are saving a bit of money from lower commissions. Usually, it makes sense to hire an agent based on experience instead of price alone.

What do you know about the area? Market knowledge is valuable because this information will give you an edge in the industry. Choose an agent who understands the local community, neighborhoods, and more.

How well do you know the contract? The standard contract is at least 10 pages, and I’ve seen some deals go south because the representative didn’t have a thorough grasp of the paperwork.

If you need help finding a real estate agent, I’m happy to send you a referral. Contact me any time for information about buying a home and accessing the financing that is needed.

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