Should You Be Worried about the Swings in the Markets This Week?

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When the national media is talking about the equities market, then it’s probably something that we need to look at. Have you been following the rollercoaster ride that has been happened in the markets this week? The swings have been huge, causing many people to lose sleep over their investments.

On Monday, we saw the largest drop in one day, followed by a big recovery on Tuesday, and then ups and downs all day Wednesday.

Market Changes and Real Estate

What do these changes mean if you are in the housing market? If you own a home, then the first step is to lock your rate if you have an adjustable rate mortgage. The interest rates have been jumping all over the place, and no one knows how things will work out.

But, the most important thing to consider is the longer-view perspective of a real estate investment. These swings in the real estate market offer a good reminder to us: it is nice if you already own a house, because then you don’t have to worry about what is happening in the markets. From an investment standpoint, real estate is a consistent option since the property price and mortgage are locked in.

Ride the real estate investment long-term for the best results. This long-term strategy will insulate you from the swings that sometimes happen in the markets. I know that I’ve been talking about this topic a lot lately. But, when it comes to real estate investing, the real benefits are in the long-term equity that is gained.

The Future of Your Real Estate Investment

Once you pay off the property, you enjoy the benefits of living in a nice home without paying a mortgage every month. Eventually, the property starts paying you because of the equity that you gained over the years. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the volatility that comes from the stock markets.

Yes, the markets have been changing. My response? So what! I realize that these changes are going to affect a lot of people who are holding those investments, and I don’t want to minimize the changes that are happening. But, I want to reassure homeowners that your investment in a property is still holding steady.

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