Since There is Nothing Happening in the News… Today We Talk About Knitting!

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There’s not really anything going on in the news today… since it’s super slow, I figured we’d talk about knitting! Yeah right! Can you hear the sarcasm coming through?

Who Knows What to Expect?

Here we are, it’s 2020 – the election has happened and is ongoing. Who knows what to expect!

Some of the headlines have indicated that lawsuits are already being filed about the election. I guess the courts will decide who the next president will be; whether we keep Trump or Biden steps into office.

Noteworthy Points to Mention

A few noteworthy things while we are experiencing this political climate:

If you’ve been watching the stock market, then you’ve seen that it is going insane. One analyst said that the good news is that it looks like the Republicans are going to hang onto the Senate and the Democrats are going hang onto the house. A personal opinion is that we might be better off with gridlock, instead of letting one party or the other take over.

What the market seems to be liking is that even if Biden wins, since the Republicans are keeping the majority in the Senate, it will be very difficult to pass any tax increases.

For what it’s worth, mortgage bonds are also hanging in there. We’re having a surprisingly strong day. Of course, everything can change depending on what happens in the coming days and weeks. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get through this quickly. It’s 2020, so we can expect craziness – right?!

Have Questions about Your Mortgage?

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