So You Think Your Business is Paperless…

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Today I wanted to share information from Pat Dunnagan, who runs a local store where we get many of our office supplies: Cartridge Pros. With the amount of printing, paper, ink, and toner that we go through, it matters that we are getting a good deal on these products. I wanted to pass the information along to help you save money too.

In the mortgage business, the paperwork never ends. The same goes for real estate, escrow, and other related services. There is so much printing that goes on! We just recently starting using Pat for all the products required for printing. They offer toner, ink, and everything else you need.

Products from Cartridge Pros

Pat offers all 3 major channels in the printing industry: Original equipment manufactured products, remanufactured products, and compatible products as well. These are all at different price points, meeting the needs of every client.

At Franklin Loan Center, we are finding that ink is very expensive! We’ve been able to cut our costs by half by working with Pat.

Low Prices! What’s the Catch?

What’s the catch? There really isn’t a catch! It’s a small store; a Mom & Pop business. Prices can stay low because they don’t have to answer to shareholders and he doesn’t make the same salary as some of the big-wigs at large office supply retailers. Their goal is to reduce the overall cost of people’s prints, and the business has continued to grow naturally because of customer satisfaction.

It’s all guaranteed. Their guarantees are better than Costco. For example, Costco takes a lot of returns, but it’s not true with ink and toner. At Cartridge Pros, the products are warrantied – the team stands behind the products and promises that they will work for as long as they are supposed to work.

Convenience is Important

Delivery is part of the service, often including same-day service. Additionally, there are local business-to-business product discounts. These are good products – Pat wouldn’t sell them if he didn’t trust the quality.

The office is located here in Temecula: on Jefferson and Winchester, in the Starbucks parking lot. Reach out if you are interested in more information. Visit the website at Or call 951-296-2182.

I realize this video is different than my normal topics in the real estate industry. I wanted to share it because it is something that applies to all of us. It is a great way to cut out expenses and positively impact the bottom line for your business.

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