What are You Doing to Take Care of Yourself?!?

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Today, Renee Scott joined me to talk about how important it is to keep up with self-care, especially with the busy schedules that are common for people of all ages. She is with Arbonne, and she opened up my eyes to the available products. I always thought it was a makeup company, but it turns out that a huge part of the business is health-oriented. I found the health information to be quite interesting, and wanted to pass this helpful information onto my network.

Self-Care in the Real Estate Industry

Our conversation got me thinking about the real estate lifestyle with schedules that are always changing. How often are you missing meals on the busiest days, or stopping at the drive-thru for fast food? Renee shared information about products that can really help with the busy, high-stress lifestyles that we experience.

Before starting with Arbonne, Renee’s background was in nutrition, which has always been her passion. Prior to having children and starting her own business, it was easy to prepare 4 or 5 small meals a day and stay on top of nutrition. Then life got busy, and she found herself going until 2 o’clock in the afternoon without eating anything.

Prepare for a Healthy Lifestyle

Her passion is not just sharing products, but also coaching people to do a little preparation. Spend a little time to prepare healthy snacks and make sure that you are taking care of yourself, which is essential if you are going to keep up and do what needs to be done.

We are all guilty of getting up and planning the day without taking care of ourselves. If you need support, then Renee has resources available to help. For example, you can use plans that are laid out to make it easy to take care of your physical health. Whether you need a healthy snack list or a full program to get you back on track, contact Renee to learn more.

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