The Difference Between Franklin Loan Center and Other Lenders

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I pulled up some stats, and over the last 12 months over 2,000 loan officers have closed a loan in Riverside County alone! This stat shows how much competition there is in the industry, which raises the question: “Why should I choose Franklin Loan Center?”

I wanted to walk through a few recent stories that happened in the past six months, to help you see how we stand out from the other lenders in the area:

100% Disabled Veteran

We worked with a veteran in his 70’s who was disabled, who needed to find a place to live because his landlord told him that he needed to move. We helped him get into VA loan in a 55+ neighborhood nearby. This solution worked out great because even though he didn’t have any money available for the down payment, he was still able to get the financing that was needed. The mortgage payment was actually cheaper than paying rent, helping him with monthly cash flow.

One note: Riverside County has a program designed for 100% disabled veterans. These people can apply to get a significant reduction in their property tax, which is a huge savings to help with the affordability of home ownership.

Difficult Relationships

In a divorce situation, the wife was buying the house from the husband as part of their split. The parties didn’t get along, and there were multiple attorneys hired to help, making it a challenge for everyone involved. These are the kind of things that we need to work through on a regular basis, and we were able to comb through the details to close the deal.

Buying a Dream Home

We love helping people with their dream homes. I had a client up in Seattle who bought a 1,700 square foot dream home that he paid $1.625 million for! The crazy thing is that the high-end market up there is so competitive, that it took about a dozen offers and he kept losing out on to other buyers. We finally ran him through underwriting prior to making another offer, giving him the opportunity to offer without contingencies regarding the loan. Since the underwriting was done, we were able to close it in about 15 days!

We Can Help You Find the Right Loan

These stories are just a few of the examples showing unique ways that we’ve helped our clients get the financing needed to buy a home. Don’t assume that you won’t qualify for the lending that is needed. If you are thinking about buying, then we invite you to contact us for information about your options. We’re here to help!

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