The Fix for Inflation… Who Agrees with Me?

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Who agrees with me on fixing inflation? The inflation numbers are showing that things are out of control. I think these numbers are actually worse than what is being reported. The most obvious fix: we have to stop the “Great American Giveaway.”

The Pandemic Has Ended

At this point, I think we can say that the pandemic has ended. But certainly, there was a period where everything was shut down – and we couldn’t let everyone fail. That’s where the stimulus packages came in to keep things going. On a side note: it seems strange to me that we increased everyone’s unemployment and told them they didn’t have to pay their rent/mortgage (but that’s a different conversation).

Right now, there are so many things that aren’t available, and at the same time, prices are going up. Construction is a great example – just look at the high prices of lumber and steel. Food and other costs also continue to increase.

Current Economic Factors

If the people aren’t there to work, build, and produce, then obviously, prices are going to go up – it’s the way our economy is set. The more the feds and the government mess with it, the worse it’s going to get. The only fix is for the feds to get out of it and get everyone back to work as much as possible.

This will help to get the supply chains back up and running and then inflation should settle back down.

The other thing: if you stop the Great American Giveaway, then you take away a bunch of “fake” money that is also pushing prices up. We need to get people back to work and stop the foolishness.

What’s Your Opinion?

I realize it’s a one-sided view. I’d love to hear the other side. Who else out there believes in the capitalism that our economy is built on? This is the only answer in line with this thinking.

I’m here to have a conversation about this if you’d like to discuss it. We can also talk about your financing options if you looking at solutions for your mortgage.

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