The More You Know…

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Knowing the ins and outs of the mortgage industry is what makes me successful.  Continually improving your level of knowledge and staying one step ahead of the other ‘guy’ or ‘gal’ is what makes you successful as a Realtor.  It allows your clients and home buyers to have that special relationship because they trust you and your knowledge.

With that in mind, here’s something intended to help you stay on the forefront of the trends!

“Going Green” has become the “buzz” word in many industries and it’s no different in the housing market.  Many current home buyers are really looking at the idea of making their “dream” home as “green” as possible.  So, what can you do to help? Having the “green” knowledge or wisdom to pass on to the home buyer can do nothing but help!

Here are 7  tips about what home buyers are doing to make their home “green.”

  1. Use those double or even triple pane windows as they really keep out heat and cold more efficiently. This means the home buyer uses less energy and saves $$. The use of thermal doors with tight seals is also advantageous.
  2. Think “Solar.” Harnessing the sun’s energy for heating and cooling is a “clean” source of fuel and uses less of our mother earth’s resources!
  3. Utilize those low energy light bulbs and dimmer switches. These are additional things to do so only the power currently needed is being used.
  4. Look for appliances that are marked “energy star related.” The United States Environmental Protection Agency awards the Energy Star and holds manufacturers and their products to a high standard when it comes to the consumption of energy.
  5. Consider using a programmable thermostat! This allows the usage of less energy when away for the day. These timers also are allowed to be set to keep the temperature cooler at night during the winter months, and warmer during the day if working outside of the home.
  6. Look into all of the innovative and creative products currently out there on the market. These give the home owners the option to use “earth friendly” materials such as floors and furniture that are made from recycled products. These can make a big difference in the environment and make an exquisite and fashionable addition to any home.
  7. Organic fabrics, carpets, and other products equal fewer chemicals into the homes’ air. This means the home buyer will breathe less chemicals and that means a healthier lifestyle due to healthier air.

Again, the more knowledge you possess, the more intrigued and impressed the client will be!

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