Uncertainty is the Name of the Game

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The main topic of today: the uncertainty of what is happening with the economy and everything that is happening right now. The combination of COVID plus the news that is coming out of Ukraine is adding even more uncertainty to our situation.

Oil Sanctions and Inflation Pressures

Interestingly, many of the things that are happening, such as the sanctions that are stopping us from getting any oil from Russia, it means that oil prices are going up. These factors add extra pressure on inflation.

Who knew that Ukraine was such a big exporter of so many commodities? We are seeing additional inflationary pressures on top of what we were already feeling, and it’s not good news.

Real Estate is Always a Smart Financial Move

No matter what is happening in the economy, families are stopping to assess their financial situations. The most expensive bill is your housing – and you find the most security in your home.

I see people who are investing in real estate, which is a smart move. There is no greater hedge against inflation than a 30-year fixed mortgage on your home. Rents are continuing to go up, along with everything else. But your mortgage is locked-in, which means that your most expensive monthly bill is fixed. It’s the one spot where you can find certainty in a very uncertain time.

Buying a home is a great asset because it’s predictable and insurable, which are two factors that protect your finances.

Best Wishes in These Times of Uncertainty

Good luck to all of us as we find our way through this situation. And all the best to everyone in Ukraine – it’s unbelievable what is happening there right now.

Hopefully next week I’ll have something better to report in the video. Feel free to reach out any time if you have questions about getting a mortgage or refinancing your home. I’m here to help!

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