Here’s What Homebuyers are Really Thinking…

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Today I offer some food for thought to listing agents.  Perhaps these hints can help you to sell your next listing a bit faster!

3d buzz conceptIt’s very common for real estate agents to use certain “buzz” words when describing their listings.  Some time ago, these words were meant to sound attractive and increase a buyer’s desire for the property.

Today, things have changed a bit and buyers have become accustomed to certain words that might sound inviting, but now can carry a negative connotation.

Before using these 4 words in your next listing description, you may want to rethink your strategy.


“Cozy” might sound warm and inviting on the surface, but today’s more savvy buyer will almost always immediately interpret this as “small and cramped”.  It could chase them away without ever bothering to look at your listing.


“Quiet” can mean a nice, quiet neighborhood.  It can also mean that the house is in the middle of nowhere.  If you are going to use the words “quiet location” in your listing, you may want to offer more of an explanation.

Face-Lift or New Paint

Giving that old house a “face-lift” or having it “newly painted” sounds wonderful, but it is also a tactic that can hide things like water damage stains.  Fresh paint is fantastic, but be quick to disclose the fact that the home has no damage and the paint wasn’t used to cover up a problem.


“Charming” is another one of those vague terms that can mean many different things to different people.  However, “charming” tends to be interpreted as meaning “old”.  If you are listing an older property, you may want to use a different adjective to describe it.  Being old isn’t always a negative, but people will rarely think of “old” as being good.


One of my primary goals is to help real estate professionals become more successful in their own business!  If I can be of assistance to you in any way, please feel free to contact me.



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