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One thing that I take very seriously is the effort I make to stay connected to other professionals within my service areas.  This means getting to know other business owners on a personal level, understanding their businesses, and vetting service providers that I can then refer to my clients.

Why do I do this?

When my clients buy homes, and for many years thereafter, I understand that home ownership results in growing “roots” in a community where undoubtedly a variety of needs will surface.  For example:

  • The need to have your carpets cleaned
  • The need for a plumber or air conditioning service
  • The need for a car mechanic
  • The need for healthcare
  • The need for insurance
  • The need for business services such as printing, website development, banking, payroll, etc…

The list goes on and because of my connections, more often than not I am able to refer my clients to other professionals in the community that can help them with challenges they may be experiencing.

So the next time you need to hire someone in your local area, give me a quick call and I may be able to point you in the right direction.

Check out my video below for more info.


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