Hanging with Richie Perez of Richie’s Termite and Pest

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For those of you who don’t know Richie – he’s the owner and operator of Richie’s Termite and Pest. I like to bring special guests onto my videos, and the invitation to talk often happens at the last minute. When I invited Richie to join me in this video to talk about pests, he pointed out that it was a bad topic since it is the holiday season.

Instead, he recommended that we talk about how much we appreciate all these people who support our businesses. I loved that idea!

Community and Business

Both of us are in the real estate industry. A big part of Richie’s business is the termite side of the industry: termite reports and pest inspections, which are essential before buying or selling a home. On the mortgage side, we get a lot of business from the real estate industry here in the Temecula Valley and beyond. It’s such a cool community.

The growth and excitement in this local area are incredible, as well as the caliber of people we get to work with. It’s the season of gratitude! As we come up toward the end of the year, we look back on where we were, where we’ve gone, and what is coming up in the future.

2020 Vision for the New Year

2020 is coming up, which means that it’s not just a New Year… it’s a new decade. This change on the calendar is the perfect time to get “2020 vision” – and get clear about what you are going to see over the next ten years. We’re looking forward to what it means and continue enjoying being part of the community.

When my family moved from Seattle, it felt like we were moving to a small area compared to our old neighborhood. We quickly found that this community is unbelievable. It’s a great place to live. Rich and I wanted to share a little love and tell everyone thank you for making it a wonderful place to be.

Richie and I are here to help if you need assistance with pest control or mortgages. Reach out to either of us at any time for assistance.

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