How to Get Top Dollar for Your Listings

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The current real estate market is seeing an increasing number of discount brokerages. What are you doing to set yourself apart from the crowd? There are many discount offerings with people offering a flat fee and different price structures. It can be a challenge to stay competitive without a good strategy. The secret is to show the real value that you can provide to your sellers.

“Full Service” Real Estate Help to Maximize Home Value

A local bank is offering a home improvement loan that is credit scored based, which isn’t deeded against the house. The homeowner can get up to $15,000 for home improvements based on their credit history.

As a real estate agent, how can you use this information to help with your business? Consider this scenario: you go in for a meeting with a new listing and see that there are a few renovations that will make a really big difference to the property. Even if the homeowner doesn’t have the cash to prepare the property to sell, you can send them to the bank to get the money that is needed.

The money can be applied to upgrade the home to improve the asking price. This money must be used for real property upgrades, such as a new roof, kitchen updates, and more. For example, you can’t use the cash for new appliances.

The goal is to make the property stand out in the real estate market, helping the buyer get another 5 – 8% of the sale price. This strategy can really make a difference, helping the sellers to see why your services stand out from the competition. Then, they will gladly refer your services to friends and family who need assistance with buying or selling a home.

Call for More Information

Is this option of interest to help your real estate business? If you want to connect your buyers with the bank that offers these services, then you can give me a call. For compliance reasons, they asked me not to name them in the video. If you want their information, you will need to contact me directly, and I am happy to provide the details.

The bank has been great to work with homeowners, and the funding is usually available within just a few weeks. This home improvement loan can help the sellers complete critical tasks in the home, making the property look perfect to achieve the highest price possible.

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