Top 50 Boomtowns…Menifee, Seattle and Bellevue on the List

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I recently read an article by Smart Asset that listed the top 50 “Boom Towns” in the United States. A lot of these cities were in the Southeast, like South Carolina. I also noticed cities in Texas and Colorado dominate the top 10, with the rest of the list spread in other states across the US.

What are Boomtowns?

Boomtowns are characterized by the robust development and prosperity in the area. As a result, these places are desirable places to put down roots, since there are plenty of employment opportunities due to the local economic growth.

The criteria for this report is based on employment growth, the number of employers, housing growth, and other things like that.

A few notables that jumped out to us were locations that are near and dear to our hearts. First of all, Menifee is right here in our backyard, and it came in on the list at #35. In Menifee, the city was strong in all these categories listed above.

Another notable location on the list was Seattle at #11. Anyone who knows the Northwest market knows that the market is crazy. Employment is huge since there are so many Blue-Chip companies in that area. Also, Bellevue was on the list, which wasn’t a surprise.

It’s nice to see cities on the list where we’ve lived, as well as areas where I still do business. It really shows strong growth. These places are great areas to live in!

More Information about the Boomtown Report

If you’d like to see the report, then you can check out this link for more information. Any Realtors out there might consider sharing this article with some people who are interested in growth trends in these areas.

As always, I’m here to answer questions about mortgage options. If you are getting ready to buy a home in a Boomtown, or any of the other nearby areas, I’m here to help. Call any time!

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