Real Estate Farming: Connecting with Potential Clients

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As a real estate agent, it is important to be proactive with your efforts to connect with potential clients. But, many agents feel like they are too “salesy” when trying to build these business relationships. Farming is an option that can be used to reach people in your community in a non-salesy way.Real Estate Farming

What is Real Estate Farming?

No, we’re not talking about growing vegetables in the backyard! Real estate farming is the process of participating in community activities to plant the seeds for future business. Expanding your network is a great method that can lead to potential clients that need real estate services.

Farming is something that most successful real estate agents use to grow their business. For example, you can participate in a local charity drive and meet people through the event. Then, nurture those relationships with marketing. Eventually, you can harvest the rewards of real estate deals and commissions.

Benefits of Community Involvement

Being proactive in your community will help to create the brand that you want to share with others. When you are involved in charitable work, then people will be able to see your intentions and get to know you as a person. Building this trust will increase the likelihood that the individual will reach out to you in the future when they are looking for help with a real estate transaction.

Event Opportunities in Your Community

Can you identify good opportunities to create a community event? Here are a few ideas that you might use:

  • Canned food drive for the food bank
  • Community garage sales
  • Movie nights
  • Military events
  • Spring cleaning neighborhood cleanups

When you have a community event or charitable activity to share with the neighborhood, then it breaks the ice and makes it easier to approach people and start up a conversation.

Maximizing Your Farming Efforts

After your event, make sure that you send out notes to people that you met. It can be powerful for someone to receive a small, handwritten thank-you note for the contributions they made to the effort. This note will strengthen your brand and set the tone for future interactions. Then, continue to nurture the relationship with additional conversations and follow-up newsletters and marketing efforts. Keep the personal touch so that you stay connected with that individual.

Do you have questions about farming or do you need help in the mortgage industry? We are here to help! Contact us anytime for more information.

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