September Housing Data… Unbelievable!!! October 14, 2020
September Housing Data… Unbelievable!!!

We just got information about the September 2020 housing data – click here if you’d like to see a copy of the report. There are some crazy stats that continue to blow me away. There’s no doubt about it… the market is…

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Housing Affordability… What’s the Real Story??? October 7, 2020
Housing Affordability… What’s the Real Story???

Recently two experts have set me straight on what is going on with housing affordability: Walter Neil (the CEO of Franklin Loan Center), and also Barry Habib (a mortgage-backed securities guru). These guys both look at the numbers at a high level….

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CA Prop 15 – Non-Political September 30, 2020
CA Prop 15 – Non-Political

Let’s talk a little bit about Prop 15 today. I’ve always promised no politics in my updates, and I feel like this is an appropriate topic because I don’t see it as a political thing. For anyone who doesn’t know, Proposition 15…

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What’s Driving Real Estate? September 23, 2020
What’s Driving Real Estate?

Last week, Walter Neil (CEO of Franklin Loan Center), put on a presentation about the real estate market where he talked about what’s driving the industry right now. Today, I want to pass along a few nuggets that I thought were super…

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The Fed Says…Low Rates Forever??? September 16, 2020
The Fed Says…Low Rates Forever???

Today was another Fed meeting – day 2 of their regularly scheduled meeting. They came out with their announcement. I like to talk about this every time they meet since these announcements shine light on economic factors in our country. Rates are…

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Market Data Event: Wednesday, September 16th September 9, 2020
Market Data Event: Wednesday, September 16th

Two things I want to cover today to keep you updated about what is going on right now: #1 – Market Data Event Next week, Franklin Loan Center is putting on a full market update, really geared towards the real estate community….

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