Being Proactive in a Changing Market October 24, 2018
Being Proactive in a Changing Market

This morning on the news, there was a story that said that Southern California real estate volume was off by 20% this year compared to historical trends. We are feeling the change in the real estate market, which is why I wanted…

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The New Construction Shell Game October 17, 2018
The New Construction Shell Game

There is a lot of new home construction happening right now, and these houses are beautiful. It’s easy to see why homeowners are choosing to build when there aren’t many options available on the real estate market. But, you need to know…

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Rent Control: Prop 10 October 10, 2018
Rent Control: Prop 10

One of the things Californians will be voting in November is Prop 10. I won’t get into the details of the proposition, but the 30,000-foot view is that it’s deciding whether jurisdictions can pass rent controls on homeowners. Today I’m talking about…

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Atomic Habits: How Habits Shape the Future October 3, 2018
Atomic Habits: How Habits Shape the Future

In my weekly videos, I usually share information about the real estate market, getting a mortgage, and other industry-related topics. But, sometimes I like to share helpful tips that aren’t necessarily about real estate. Today’s message is a bit of a public…

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Are Termites Eating Your House? September 27, 2018
Are Termites Eating Your House?

A termite report is one thing that is often overlooked in a real estate transaction. Today, I talked to Richie with Richie’s Termite and Pest Control about the importance of a termite report before buying a home. Sometimes the termite report is…

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Who’s Ready to Retire? September 19, 2018
Who’s Ready to Retire?

We all want to retire someday, but who is truly on track to make that happen? One of the most important financial tools for retiring comfortably is having a real estate property that is paid off, thus making your housing expense very…

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